June 13, 2011

Time to Tango: The River2Sea Tango Prop

I started off TBrinks Fishing Topwater Week with a bait that was really fun to fish, the River2Sea Tango Prop.  I love fishing topwater baits in general and usually stick to the tried and true types: walkers and poppers. Since moving to Florida, I have become introduced to a whole new type of topwater bait, the prop bait.  They seem to create much more commotion on top and are great for big fish.  Most of these prop baits are made with small metal propellers that add flash and sound.  The Tango Prop is made using two large, clear plastic props.  The difference is the sounds and the amount of splash it makes. Upon retrieving the bait, you can see a steady line of bubbles behind the bait.  These props spin like crazy and create a great action when you slowly jerk it back, or fish it at a fast pace.  Either way, it works as intended.

River2Sea makes great quality baits at affordable prices.  I have seen them before, but this was the first group of baits I have owned myself (look for another R2S bait later this week).  I was impressed with the amount of detail and quality of the product for the price.  This was definitely one of the biggest positives for the bait.  The  bait I tested was the 78F, which is 3" long and weights 7/16 ounce.  The Tango Prop also comes in a larger size, the 98F, which is 3 7/8" long.  I think either of them would be a good size for prop fishing for bass.  

Scoring for the River2Sea Tango Prop

Price/Value: 4 
At $7.99, this bait is a great price for a topwater bait.  Topwater baits are usually higher in cost when you get into the quality topwater category.
Durability: 4
The plastic is very sturdy and will hold up.  A few times, I accidentally cast it into a wall and rocks and it still came back looking like new.
Performance: 4
No major issues here.  Just be careful with braided line as prop baits in general always seem to get wrapped around the props.
Innovation: 3
Prop baits are nothing new, but the plastic counter-rotating blades make it stand apart from the rest.
Availability: 3
Online at TackleWarehouse, and no stores I have seen yet.

Total Score: 18  - Good Buy!
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