June 11, 2009

The Bassmaster Elite Series on the Mighty Mississippi

Today the Elite guys are heading out of Fort Madison, Iowa to take on the Mississippi River. Reports from all the media say it is going to be TOUGH! I personally like seeing the challenge in fishing a little more than watching 20 pound limits look like nothing. I think it will be a real challenge and I look for a few guys to do really well:

Bill Lowen: Everyone is picking him due to his Midwestern River experience, but I am going to go with him to win it all.

KVD: He catches them everywhere. No more explanation needed.

Ike: He also seems to do well when things get tough. I see him with a spinning rod in hand and making it happen.

Dean Rojas: He grew up fishing Havasu and Mead which are some really tough lakes to figure out. I see him catching some frog fish each day.

Scott Rook: He's had a bad year, but he should do well here.

Let's see how my pics end up. Who do you think will win? Check out my forum and let me know.
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