November 27, 2009

Peacock Bass Time

When I think of Peacock Bass I think of the Amazon and South America...but they are here in Florida and I have never caught one. Today we went down to the edge of the Everglades on Alligator Alley (the road that connects us to Miami). Tanya caught a Peacock today and I'm jealous. Sure it wasn't huge but she caught one and I still haven't. I did catch several largemouths, one Mayan Cichlid and a sunfish...a mixed bag for sure. What a great day.

It was pretty cold for our standards, being in the 60's most of the day with a breeze. It dropped down into the 40's last night so I was expecting tough fishing, but we caught quite a few today. Most of them came on rattletraps, the flick shake and the Scooter Jig.

The coolest part of the day was on the way home when we took a detour and went through the Florida Panther Management Area. We saw the "Panther Crossing" signs and thought how cool it would be to see one. We stopped and fished the canal by the side of the road before dark and saw fish jumping but didn't catch any. We did see four gators cruising the shore for dinner. We're headed back there tomorrow to try this area again. We are thankful to be able to fish like this close to home and in late November.

Gator Cruisin' for Dinner
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