October 12, 2010

Confidence is Key

I just saw something on Basseast.com that really sums it all up.  They have a section on there called the QOTD (Question of the Day), where you can submit a question for one of their pros.  I really liked today's question and liked the answer even more.  Here it is:

QOTD: The Key to Becoming a Better Angler?
October 12, 2010 · 

Q: What are three keys to becomes a better bass fisherman?
Pedro Guisado

A:  The biggest key that I can tell anyone about becoming a better bass fisherman is confidence.  Having confidence in what you’re doing goes a long way in tournament situations, esspecially when you’re throwing your favorite “go to” lure or presentation.  Pick a presentaion that you love and try to master every aspect of it.  If you do this you will always have confidence, and not catching them will never cross your mind.  I see a lot of people beat themselves before they even get on the water because they aren’t confident. If you don’t think you will catch them, then you won’t.
Jonathon VanDam
Kalamazoo, MI BASS Pro

That answer really sums it up.  Confidence is everything in bass fishing.  I feel like I am still working on my confidence, but it is getting stronger for me every time I go out.  There are times when I pick up a rod and think, "this is it", and it happens more times than not. Confidence can't simply be taught, it has to come from within.  Time on the water and experience definitely helps to increase your confidence, but you have to just trust and believe in yourself.  Thanks BassEast!
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