October 11, 2010

Watch Out for the Repo Man

I have been talking about the Repo Man topwater bait by Paycheck baits quite a bit lately and it is for good reason. This bait is the real deal.  The bait is actually the former Reaction Innovation's Vixen, which was a successful bait, and ended up gaining a cult following after it was discontinued by R.I.  Much like the BMF Hook, Paycheck came to rescue and resurrected the bait and brought it back better than ever.  The Repo Man has an action like no other.  I'm a big fan of the Super Spook and Sammy, but the Repo Man is an altogether different bait and different action.

I was fishing the bait this weekend and caught the big fish of the tournament on the Repo Man in the Bone color.  So what makes this bait any different from other topwaters on the market?  The thing I noticed right away was how easy it was to walk the dog.  It would glide side to side with ease.  My partner for the day was really impressed with the action, but was amazed at something else about the bait.  The sound of the rattles was loud!  You could hear it rattling on the end of a very long cast.  This was perfect for where we were fishing, thick grass that came up to about a foot under the surface.  I know that bass was sitting down in the grass and heard the bait and had to come see what was making that noise.  Fall is the perfect time to throw a topwater.  Next time you are checking out Tackle Warehouse, give the Repo Man a good look.

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