November 15, 2010

TBrinks Fishing Product Review: The Norman Flat Broke Crankbait

Norman Lures has always been one of my favorite brands for crankbaits. When I started bass fishing, I used the Deep Little N like it was the only bait I owned. The baits still work and others like the DD22 are always in the news stories following big tournament wins. With all of the history behind this brand, I was really excited to test out the new Flat Broke crankbait. As I prepared the test out the bait, I had a bunch of questions. So instead of just researching online, I called and talked to the man who designed it; Al Fisher.

As I talked to him, it was obvious he knew what he was talking about and had a passion for building baits. He discussed the entire process of building baits and was proud to say these baits are made right here in America at the headquarters in Arkansas. How many other companies can say that? I don't think too many.

The Flat Broke is a unique bait as it is a jointed crankbait with flat sides. Because of the joints, it creates a great side-to-side wobble as it is retrieved. Another benefit that Al talked about was how great this bait is around cover like laydowns. If it gets stuck, a quick pop of the line usually frees the bait. This really got my interest as most cranks do not mix with cover. The Flat Broke is 2.75 inches long and weighs 3/8 oz and is great match to many different baitfish. The bait retails for $5.99 and comes in 10 colors.

The bait itself really performs well. Living in Florida, I don't have nearly as many opportunities to throw the bait around wood as some in other parts, but I had the perfect place in mind to try it out. I have a nearby lake that has wood and branches in one little area. I fished it this weekend and purposely threw the bait right in the thick stuff to see how it would do. I caught three fish in a short period of time, and all of them hit after the bait deflected off a limb and slowly floated back up. As you can see in the picture, the bass really inhaled the baits. I was using a color called Sunfish and the bass were tearing it up.

The bait is great for shallow water as is dives down the three feet. I was impressed with how easily it came through cover and also how it looked in the water. I can see this being my go to bait any time I see wood or shallow cover.
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