January 16, 2011

Beautiful Day, Tough Fishing

It was amazing outside today; mid 70's, barely any wind and lots of sun.  This is why I love living in Florida.  Sorry to make everyone in the other 49 states jealous, but there is no denying FL has great winter weather. We fished Lake Okeechobee today and they brought some monster bass to the scales.  I don't have anything to brag about.  Actually, it was pretty sad and I weighed in three small keepers.  It took over 17lbs to win, with a 9.23lb big fish.  I am the tournament director for the Fort Myers Bass Club so I was able to hold the fish.  It was the biggest bass I have ever had in my hands.  Talk about being jealous. There were also some fish in the 5-6 pound class.  

Whenever I have a tough day of fishing.  I want to go back as soon as I can to get revenge on the lake.  I wish I could have went back right after the weigh-in to see if I could figure them out.  It's the competitor in me and the fact that I am always learning and trying to get better.  

One positive side of the day was that I caught a fish on a Strike King Pro Model 6XD crankbait that I bought recently.  I don't have much of a chance to throw deep cranks anymore since I live in Florida, making it even more fun.  We were fishing some deep water in the Kissimmee River at the end of the day and I caught one on this crank that dives 17+ feet.  Maybe that's why we didn't do so well.....it's FL and they are spawning!  Oh well, it was fun at least.


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