January 12, 2011

The Colt Rod Difference

In a world where all fishing rods seem to look and feel the same, it's cool to see something that is truly unique.  Colt Rods is definitely a unique idea and as they say, they are "the first true revolution in fishing rod design in over 40 years." I have been following their progress over the past few months and seeing how they are doing and when they are going to be available to purchase.  They have been really busy with promoting the line and even signed NFL quarterback Colt McCoy to their promotional team.  To me that was a perfect fit, a big name sports athlete who is also an avid bass fisherman…and is also named Colt.  If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow @Coltrods.  They are pretty active on Twitter and willing to share about their company and news in the fishing industry.  The good news is that the rods are getting really close to being unleashed on the fishing world. 

So what makes these rods different?  In one word, technology.  Their Hextreme Technology promises to deliver sensitivity, power, durability and more accuracy in casting.  Their website does a great job of explaining the technology and how it works.  I am eager to see one of these rods up close to see how well they perform.  I had the chance to talk with Peter Lombardi, CEO of Colt Rods and asked him "What makes Colt different than all of the other rods on the market?"  He stated ”we make the only rod in the world that incorporates true 100% unidirectional carbon fiber which results in rod performance unlike any other on the market today. First, the hexagonal design of the rod enables them to be made with multiple types high modulus and lower modulus composite materials for very specific techniques. Unlike tubular rods which have cylindrical fiber alignment, the unidirectional fiber of a Colt rod gives them extremely accurate casting, very high sensitivity and unrivaled lifting power. Oh,..did I mention that they are extremely crush resistant and durable?”

After talking with Peter, it was obvious that they have put some time into this project and know what they are doing.  Keep an eye on Colt. I think they will be around for a long time and are here to be the best, nothing less.
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