January 5, 2011

Last Day for the Seaguar Contest

The Seaguar contest is still running!  The deadline for entry is tonight at Midnight (Eastern Time).

Answer all three questions about Seaguar, they can be found on the Seaguar website.

#1 What year did Seaguar invent fluorocarbon line? To specify, in what year did they introduce Seaguar fluorocarbon to the Osaka Fishing Tackle Exhibition?

#2 Two part question.  What does Tatsu mean in Japanese? How is Tatsu different (Made exclusively from - - 100% Seaguar resins)?

#3 What Seaguar technology ensures that all spools are spooled smoothly onto the spool?

Once you have your answers, send them to tylerbrinks1@gmail.com.  Also hit the "Facebook Share" button for the second prize which is a Seaguar visor!  Only those who share can win that prize, and it is possible to win both.  Just make sure to include in your email that you shared and I will do a second drawing.

Thanks for entering!

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