January 13, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Storm Lures Contest

Well, here it is....the Storm Lures contest.  I have been a big fan of Storm for years and have always loved the Thunderstick jerkbait line and of course the Wiggle Wart.  This contest includes a bunch of Thundersticks, the ThunderCrank, Deep Rattin' Thinfin and the Wiggle Wart.  The baits are already proven, but with the addition of the new UV Bright Series...this one is sure to appeal to everyone.  If you are not familiar with the UV Bright Series, you need to check it out.  The link explains all you need to know about why UV is such a big deal.  

This wasn't something they just decided to try one day "The Rapala Product Development Team launched a two year fact-finding mission to research and test ultraviolet lure finishes. The resulting release of UV Bright finishes within Storm, Luhr-Jensen and Blue Fox product lines incorporate research conclusions to deliver anglers the best components of UV technology. Beginning with the most successful lure actions available, UV technology can enhance the visibility of lure finishes under the greatest range of water conditions."

Here are the contest details:

Answer these three questions about Storm Lures and send the answers to: tylerbrinks1@gmail.com

I will pick three winners, and each winner will win three lures.  Each winner will receive both UV and non-UV baits to see the difference for themselves.

Here are the questions:

  1. What does the word UV mean?
  2. How much does the original Wiggle Wart weigh?
  3. What finish does the Storm UV Bright use?  Fill in the blank:  The Storm UV Bright finishes utilizes a ____ finish coat.

All answers can be found at stormlures.com

The deadline to enter is Thursday, January 20th at Midnight (Eastern Time)
Winners will be announced on Friday, January 21st!  Thanks for entering.

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