February 3, 2011

Some More Sites to Check Out

I'm always finding new fishing sites and love to share them when I find them.  Well, I found three to check out:

Bassranks.com was started by a few of my buddies from the FGCU Bass Team.  They are 'The Original College Fishing Ranking System, and a Leader in Fishing News!"  I posted something on a Top 25 Ranking for Bass Fishing Teams last year and people searching for it online still end up on my site.  It's a hot topic and I hope they keep the rankings updated.  Also check out the interview they did with KVD!

BassGrab.com looks like a relatively new blog but he has some great looking pages and in depth product reviews.  Check it out!

socalsalty is a blog about...you guessed it.  Saltwater fishing in Southern California.  It's a great looking blog and a must if you ever do any saltwater fishing.

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