June 4, 2011

FLW Tour Open: B.A.S.S. Anglers Taking Control

Photo: FLW Outdoors

This week's FLW Tour Open on the Potomac River has a huge contingent of Bassmaster Elite Series Events. Guys like Bobby Lane, Ike, Ish, Fred Roumbanis, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Martens, Derek Remitz, Peter T and a bunch more are fishing.  It's cool to see the mix of both tours fishing, much like the PAA where both are competing for the win.  The Bassmaster guys are doing really well with Lane and Ike in the top two positions. It was similar to the first FLW Tour Open this year on Okeechobee when there were four in the Top 10.  

On the other side of it, look at what Ott DeFoe is doing against the Elite guys after fishing for a few years on the FLW Tour.  Andy Montgomery, David Walker and Keith Combs are also holding their own in the first year on the Elites.

This is a debate that I hear all the time, which tour is better?  Do you feel like one tour, or one group of anglers is better?
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