June 7, 2011

New from Z-Man

Thanks to Luke Clausen's recent win at the FLW Tour Open on the Potomac River, we now have a sneak peak at a new bait from Z-Man.  I saw the winning pattern article on BassFan.com and it mentioned he was using a "prototype Z-Man ElaZtech Flappin' CrawZ."

It also mentioned that the bait "has not reached the final design stage and a release date has not been determined"  I am really looking forward to this bait.  Luke was using this as a swimjig trailer and this is exactly what I would use it for.  For one, it is the perfect shape and the craws look like they would have a great action.  Almost more important than the action is the durability of ElaZtech.  Swim jig trailers are notorious for losing appendages.  I went through a bag of another brand pretty quickly the last time I got on a good swimjig bite.  The ElaZtech will definitely hold up.  I can wait to get some of these in black and blue or junebug.  Thanks Luke....you showed us the bait and teased us since it's not out.  I'll be patiently waiting... 

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