July 4, 2011

New Product Preview: The VMC Spinshot Hook

VMC has been around forever.  They make great hooks, but I have never really used them anyway else besides trebles.  They come on all Rapala baits and seem sharp.  The newest from VMC is the Spinshot hook and it is very unique.

It is designed for drop-shotting and is really like a cross between a barrel swivel and hook.  It is designed to be used with drop-shotting and that's about all it can be used for.  It was made to eliminate line twist when using this technique which is the worst part about drop-shotting. They also tout the fact that you can easily rig more than one hook on the line (where legal).  Seems like a pretty cool idea and I was eager to try it.  I have been testing it for a few days and have not seen much line twist.  I think it's a good idea and will work, but I'm still holding out though to make my final decision.  I'd like to see how much it costs and then determine if it is worth it.  I am also torn about having to make an extra knot for this.  It's like tying a Carolina-rig, because it takes time to do it and you have to tie two knots.  I'm fully confident in my knots, but it is still one more possible breaking point.

This brand new product will be officially launched at ICAST with the help of Mike Iaconelli.  The Spinshot comes in six sizes (1/0,1,2,4,6,8) and should be a hit with anglers across the world.

UPDATE: The Spinshot will be available from Tackle Warehouse on September 10th.

What do you think of the Spinshot?
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