July 3, 2011

One Great Year

Yesterday was our one year anniversary and it was great timing as our wedding story made it into B.A.S.S. Times Magazine!  Our wedding last year was all about bass fishing and included a bass cake, bachelor party fishing tournament and a bride entrance on a bass boat.  If you subscribe to B.A.S.S. Times Magazine, check it out.  It was a great article and we are excited to have made it into one of our favorite magazines.

If the wedding alone didn't prove we are crazy about fishing, you should see my anniversary gift.  It is called the Fisherman's Road Pal and is a small fishing rod that goes over your truck's antenna.  I am looking forward to putting it on my truck.  Like the website says; "Show em' you're really into fishing".  I think with this, my bass hanging from my rearview mirror and Florida Bass license plate there will be no doubting it.

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