September 8, 2011

A Swim Jig Done Right: Taylor Man's Lures

The Swim Jig has been one of my go-to baits for the past few years.  The popularity of the swimming jig has grown over the last few years, yet many people have yet to try one of the best ways to catch bass in and around grass.  I have used several brands and have come to realize that there are a few things that make a good quality bait.  The skirt must be of good quality and come in good colors.  The hook has to be top quality and the line tie needs to be in the correct spot.  Surprisingly, it's pretty hard to find a bait that has all of these qualities.  I have found a jig that meets my standards and it's from Taylor Man's Lures.

I first heard of the company when they signed Elite Series Angler Bradley Roy last year.  I contacted the owner to do a product review and the minute I saw the baits, I knew they were good.

The age old question for skirted jigs is to tie or to us a collar?  How about both?  Taylor Man's uses both a collar as well as a wire wrapping to tie the skirt securely to the hook. If you have ever gotten into a good swimjig bite, you know the importance of keeping the skirt secure. After a few fish the collar may get loose and your skirt will start sliding down before it eventually fails.  The tie prevents this problem before it stops.

By looking at the pictures, you can tell that quality is very important.  The skirt colors are impeccable and they even have matching, color coordinated weed guards to ensure that everything looks the same.  I believe small things like this can make a difference when the fishing gets tough.  I also mentioned the need to have a good hook, Taylor Man's feature Gamakatsu hooks so you know they are sharp.  The components and quality are two things that Taylor Man's lives by when making all of their baits (they make much more than just swimjigs)

Looking at the picture you can get an insight into some of my favorite trailers: the end of a Zoom Magnum Ultravibe Speedworm (I use the ends of used baits), the Gambler Twin Tail Swim Jig Trailer, a Zoom Ultravibe Speedcraw and a Net Bait Baby Paca Craw (not pictured).  I'm anxiously waiting for the new Z-Man Flappin CrawZ as well.  I like to mix up different trailers and colors to see what the fish want and also switch based on the forage they are keying on.

Scoring for the Taylor Man's Swim Jig
Price/Value: 3
They retail for around $4.00.  This is a little higher than some, but the quality of the components make it worth it.
Durability: 5
I fished it through grass, rocks and trees and saw no chipping of the paint.  The hook is super sharp and stayed that way after a few fish and the skirt is still intact after a bunch of Okeechobee bass. 
Performance: 4
The jig works great and because of the quality, I rated this a 4.
Innovation: 3
Everyone makes a swimjig, but very few do it right.
Availability: 2
They are still fairly new and can be found on Taylor Man's Website as well as the Secret Weapon Lures online store.

Total Score: 17  - Good Buy!

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