January 16, 2012

My first BFL of the Season

Saturday was my first BFL of the season, it was also my first BFL event as a boater.  I was excited to get the Legend out there on my home lake.  I had been doing pretty well in the past month or so on the big lake and felt pretty good going in to the event.  The cold fronts had been coming through the area and were really messing up the fishing (for me at least).  I had been doing really well with moving baits, but the cold weather really changed things.  I knew flipping and pitching heavy cover would be the deal.

In practice I decided to punch mats and flip heavy cover all day with various soft plastics and 1.5 ounce Eco Pro Tungsten weights.  I had four or five bites and felt pretty confident that I could catch a few with the big stick.  I also caught two four pounders late in the day doing something else and was pretty excited about trying that during the tournament.

As the tournament started, I fished hard for an hour and a half with no luck. It was then time to start fishing the heavy cover.  After not having any bites and time running out, I wimped out and threw a trick worm and small speedworm just to get a limit real quick. My limit weighed 4lbs 14ounces, proving you can have a five fish limit for less than five pounds.  As always on this lake, the winner had a big bag and weighed in 30lbs 6oz.

I went back to flipping and pitching but never got a bite.  It was a frustrating day and I ended up 127th out of 200 boats.  The next one will be different!
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