October 8, 2012

Fall = Smallmouth Time

The weather is starting to get cold up here in the Northwest and that means one thing: awesome smallmouth fishing.  Honestly October fishing up here is what I was most excited about when we decided to move back (besides family of course).  I went out last weekend and finally caught a decent sized smallmouth I have been looking for.  A drop shot is my bait of choice this time of year. 3/16oz Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Drop Shot weight with a 4.5" Roboworm.  I have been using 15lb Seaguar Kanzen braid with a 6lb AbrazX leader.  I don't think I will ever go back to anything else.  It's amazing, no line twist problems, better casting and more sensitivity.  I was worried about the knot strength but have caught a few 4-5lb largemouth and this smallmouth that was just under 4lbs.  No problems at all!

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