June 7, 2013

The Damiki M.T.S. Spinnerbait

On my last few trips out I really got to throw the Damiki M.T.S. spinnerbait and see what it can do. It's a pretty cool looking spinnerbait based on appearance alone but it catches fish too. When I first saw it, the head design was the biggest thing that stood out; it has several grooves and hull-like bottom. They call it the M-Hull turbulence design. It was meant to allow the bait to come in easier and I would agree that it works.

Unique head design
One thing I noticed by varying the retrieves from a very slow-roll  to burning near the surface was that the bait rarely (if ever) wavers from a straight line. No matter how hard you crank it, it will stay on track. That is one thing that I think is crucial for spinnerbaits. Spinning is important, but rolling is bad.  The M.T.S. passed the test.

One more thing that really makes or breaks a spinnerbait is the quality of the components. It must have a good hook, quality skirt, as well as excellent blades and swivels. From my testing and examining, all of those components are there.

Top quality components: hook, blades and skirt are all top notch.

The bait comes in a 3/8oz and 1/2oz model which is about all you need for throwing spinnerbaits. TackleWarehouse has only three colors, but they are enough to cover most situations. The Damiki catalog has a eight colors listed, including the cool green pumpkin color. I have this for their Gladiator spinnerbait and it's a surprisingly good spinnerbait color. Retail cost is just $6.99, well worth the money.

The product of my hard work.
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