July 11, 2013

New Squarebills at ICAST 2013

The squarebill crankbait isn't going anywhere and there were some good ones introduced this year at ICAST. Here are four that caught my attention among all of the visual stimuli at the ICAST show.

Megabass Knuckle Jr: I love the original and this downsized version is just as good in terms of quality and design. It also features the adjustable lip to change the diving depths.

Damiki: A perfect size and some great finishes. This is going to be a good one.

Storm Arashi: This bait was the bait during Brandon Palaniuk's great event and subsequent DQ at the last Elite Series. It has the self tuning design to make it run true over and over again.

DUO: Their squarebill has a circuit board lip and aerodynamic design.

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