July 10, 2013

The TBrinksFishing ICAST Awards

Each year we hear about the same old categories at ICAST: Best New Freshwater Rod, Reel, Soft Lure...etc. I agree we need to have these awards but decided to make my own categories.

Ugliest Rod: This was a hard choice with all of the colors in the rainbow represented, but the Halo Ronald McDonald Signature Rod wins it. By the way, that's not what it is really called.

Strangest Reel: Again, this was a tough one..but 13 Fishing wins!  It's a reel designed for ice fishing and definitely caught my attention from the looks.

Craziest Soft Plastic: The Mann's Three For All. There were a few others that were close, but this one wins!

Those were the big winners tonight.

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