April 20, 2009

Pre-Fishing Crooked Lake

Saturday we went out to Crooked Lake to do some prefishing since our club tournament will be there next weekend. One of our friends was nice enough to take me and Tanya out to see the lake. We had a great time and caught fish almost everywhere we went. My prefishing strategy is to use as many types of baits as I can to see which baits I can get a fish or two on. I caught fish on plastics rigged every way possible: shaky head, wacky rig, texas rig, and weighless. All types of worms worked too: straight tail, curly tail, u-vibe tail and also on the quiver sticks.

I am confident that I can get a limit pretty easily and then look for bigger fish on reaction baits. Tanya hooked a monster late in the day on a spinnerbait. She thought she was hung up in the grass so she didn't get a good hookset. She starts pulling it in and all you could see was a giant mouth and a 6-7 pound fish jumping into the air. I was shocked, she was pretty disappointed, but at least we got to see the quality of the fish this lake has.

Next weekend will be fun. It's been awhile since I have fished a tournament and I'm dying to get back out there!
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