March 28, 2011

Berkley Havoc Lane's Grass Pig

The Berkley Havoc line of baits is pretty cool as all of the baits are designed by a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.  The Grass Pig was designed by Florida pro Bobby Lane. Living in Florida, I have seen the Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper and the Gambler Big EZ take these grassy waters by storm. Everyone is throwing them and it's because they work. When the Skinny Dipper first came out, I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone had their own version. I have been using the Havoc model for the last few trips and have enough info to give it a review.

One of the first things I noticed about the Havoc bait was the texture, it was really soft. For this type of bait, I am torn on deciding whether or not the softness is a good or bad thing.  For one, you want a soft bait that the fish will hold on to and allow the hook to penetrate. On the other hand you want durability, especially when fishing it in heavy grass, pads and reeds that seem to tear up baits quickly.  The second thing I noticed was that the body was much thinner than the other baits in it's class. All of the baits in this category are the same size at five inches.

It also features a slit in the belly for easy rigging. The Grass Pig comes in ten colors, which is much less than the competition which has up to 30 different color choices.  

While fishing this bait, I rigged it on both a weighted Moaner Stroker and unweighted Stroker.  When fishing these baits, in my opinion, it is usually best to have that screw-in hook to keep the bait in place during the retrieve.  The cool thing about these style of baits is that you can fish them several different ways.  You can buzz them at top and vary your retrieve speeds, or you can fish them under the surface. I do both and let the fish tell me what they want.  

While I like this bait, it's hard for me to pick a reason why this would be better than any of the others on the market.  If you are in an area where the other versions aren't sold and can only use this one, it's worth it.  I think in general, the fish that hit these are pretty aggressive and will eat whatever is buzzing by.

Scoring for the Havoc Grass Pig

Price/Value: 5 
Again, like all Havoc baits, it is only $2.99 for a pack.  At around 50 cents per bait it is much less than the others (roughly 68 and 77 cents each)
Durability: 3
I didn't catch many fish on the bait so it was hard to determine, but based on hooking and re-rigging, it was average durability.
Performance: 3
It swam well at fast and slow retrieves.
Innovation: 1
Nothing special about this swimbait.
Availability: 3
Online at TackleWarehouse, and no stores I have seen yet.

Total Score: 15  - Good Buy!

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