May 6, 2009

After work bassin'

Yesterday after work I met up with a friend who was visiting from out of town. We decided to get some fishing in while we still had some daylight. The canals are so close to work, we fished there for about an hour before it got too dark and the mosquitoes started going crazy. We each caught a fish, so it was a success. The fish I caught ended up being a nice, fat 4 pounder. It bit a Mizmo Diamond Darter Fluke in watermelon and nearly ripped the rod out of my hand when it bit. It was definitely a Florida bass, pulling drag and jumping several times.

We also saw the big gator I posted a pic of a few weeks back. This time he wasn't just sunbathing....he was on the prowl. It was funny how once he swam through, we didn't get another bite.....hmmm. Those bass know who's the boss of the water.
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