May 11, 2009

Lake Okeechobee Club Tournament

I got a call from one of my buddies who lives on the other coast of Florida and said their club was going to Lake O and I could fish as his guest. I took him up on the offer because I wanted to get on the lake before next week's BFL. I'm really glad I fished, it was a fun day.

The lake is really low right now due to the drought we have had so far this year and because they keep pumping water out, so this makes running around quite dangerous. We fished almost all day in water no deeper than two feet, most of the time it was 1.4 or 1.5, but the fish were there.

The morning started great, I caught one on topwater and three nice fish on a Skinny Dipper. Then I started catching short fish. I must have caught 10-15 10 inch bass on flukes and quiver sticks. Around Noon we decided to move to another area about 20 minutes away. When we got there, it was full of boats, basically the whole club was there. We heard how we missed an awesome topwater bite with most boats catching 20+ fish each. Wow.

I noticed the grass was matted in certain areas, so I picked up the Bobby's Perfect Frog in all black, and committed to it for the last two hours. I caught my two biggest fish on it, a 3.09lb fish and another 2.5 lb fish. One thing I did to customize this frog was to pull all the yellow strands out of the skirt tails. It made all all black frog. I don't know how much this affects it, but it looks awesome!
I ended the day with 10.79 pounds. The winning weight was 15lbs, with a few 12 pound limits behind that. I now have a goal for next week: 16 pounds!
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