May 26, 2009

Ft. Myers Bass Club Two Day Tournament - Day 2

Day Two of our club tournament was held on Reedy Lake, near Frostproof, Florida. I had been to this lake before so I had an idea of how to fish the lake. We blasted off and headed straight to an area that was full of reeds with pepper grass coming out into the lake in about 5 feet of water. We made a pass through the area without a bite on rattle traps and topwaters. Then I picked up the spinnerbait.

I was throwing a 3/8 oz Chartreuse/Blue Pepper spinnerbait with one silver and one gold willow blade. I caught four small keepers in less than 15 minutes. Then I had to switch rods and reels because of some damage to my rod. After that the bite was over for the morning. We fished the area for about an hour and started running around the lake looking for more pepper grass beds. We found a few good areas, but couldn't catch a fish. I caught my fifth fish around noon on a black and blue Lethal Weapon swim jig, but my limit was only around 5 pounds.

I decided to head back to our first area and grind it out with two other boats for the last two hours. I tried everything, but could not get bit. At two o'clock I picked up the spinnerbait and didn't put it down. I ended up replacing two tiny fish with a 2.5 and a 2.0 pound fish. I improved my weight by close to three pounds in the last thirty minutes!

At the weigh-in, most people said all they could get were small keepers. I felt pretty good about my limit, which weighed close to 8 pounds. One fisherman shocked the crowd with a 7.4lb fish and 14 pound limit to take the win. He beat Tanya's big fish from yesterday and blew right past me to first place. I ended with a two day total of 16 pounds and took 2nd place!

Overall it was a great tournament. I fished a lake I had never been to and did well on the first day and came through in the clutch in the last few minutes on day 2. I really liked being a boater again and making all the decisions. I can't wait to get another boat.
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