May 25, 2009

Ft. Myers Bass Club Two Day Tournament - Day 1

This weekend our club, the Fort Myers Bass Club, had their annual two day tournament. Day 1 we fished lake Walk-in-Water and Day 2 we fished Lake Reedy. Both of these lakes hold some huge bass and are located just a few miles apart. Our club was short on non-boaters, so I borrowed a buddy's boat who was out of town. It was my chance to be a "boater" again, something I haven't done since we moved from Washington State last year.

Day 1 started off less than perfect. My non-boater went to pull up the trolling motor and the rope broke. This caused us to be last to go out. Oh well. I started fishing right next to the ramp and caught two fish on a popper. The limit for this lake is 3 fish, so I was almost to my limit. We took off across the lake after thirty minutes. I had never been to this lake, so I just cruised the shore looking for some good looking water. I found some isolated islands of reeds and started throwing the flick shake. I caught a nice 4 pound fish on it. When we went to look for the net I realized it was still at my buddy's house. I wore the fish out with my spinning rod and lipped it after a long fight.

After that I picked up the rattle trap and fished as fast as I could. I ended up catching 15-20 keepers but only culled up twice. I ended the day with 3 fish for 8.4lbs and was sitting in 3rd place. But the real star of the day was my girlfriend Tanya...who was in first.

She didn't say anything to me at the ramp about how great she did. She waited until she pulled the fish out of the bag to let me see them. She pulled out two nice fish and then pulled out the hawg. I was shocked. It weighed 6.82lbs. She had 3 fish for almost 11 pounds....Wow...She caught them all on rattle traps. The night bef0re she went through my box and found one that looked "pretty". Maybe I should start looking for the prettiest baits instead of trying to match the forage.
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