July 29, 2009

Beating the Heat - Summer Fishing

No matter where you live right now, it's summer time and it's hot! Who wants to go fishing in the heat and sweat all day when you can just sit in the air conditioning or by the pool? I DO...summer is my favorite time to fish, the hotter the better. I have always been this way and I think it has to do with my favorite styles of fishing; frogs and other topwaters, and finesse fishing with soft plastics. Here are my five tips to making your summer fishing more enjoyable.

1) Make yourself comfortable. It all starts with how you feel. Dress for the occasion; wear long sleeve breathable shirts to keep your arms from sunburning. Wear a big hat if you can, it will keep your neck and face cooler. Another trick to keep cool is to get a neckcooler like the one made by Master Vision shown here. These things work. Also make sure to wear LOTS of sunscreen, my favorite is made by Sol. I wear contacts so I have to make sure it won't irritate my eyes and this stuff doesn't. The last thing to remember about keeping comfortable is to drink as much water as you can.

2) Be Shady. If you were a bass, where would you hide from the sun? Shaded areas are key this time of year. Anything overhanging like matted grass, docks, wood, or even deeper water will shade the sensitive eyes of bass. Focus on these areas first. These are great places to throw those Snag Proof frogs.

3) Be an early riser. The summer is the longest time of the year, so you have to wake up as early as possible to beat the sun. The first hour of sunlight is usually the best for active fish also trying to beat the sun.

4) Go with the flow. Anywhere you can find moving water will be a good area to fish. The water will have more oxygen and cooler temperatures. This will attract the baitfish and the bass will be right behind them looking for the flow. Runoff from rain, rivers and creeks, and even artificial pumps in ponds will always be the first place I hit in the summer time.

5) Plastics, plastics, plastics. Summertime is definitely the time to get out your worm rod and fish. I like to have several rigged up at all times. Fish seem to key on plastic worms and there is no wrong way to fish them. A texas-rig, carolina-rig and a drop-shot are must haves for me anytime the summer heat comes around.

Don't let the summer heat discourage you. It's a great time to get out there and catch fish that are schooling and ready to eat.

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