July 28, 2009

Bass Tackle Thief Busted!

One thing I am always paranoid about is having all of my gear stolen. My rods, reels, and baits and my prized possessions I have accumulated over the years. A few months ago during a BFL tournament here in Florida, a thief took several rods and reels and other things from boats while the fisherman slept at the hotel. They even knew which rods were better than others and left the cheaper brands. The sad thing is that this person knew what they were doing and was probably a bass fisherman.

Police in Missouri busted a fisherman with tens of thousands of dollars in gear. At least they caught the guy. They offered the following tips for fisherman: "The Water Patrol reminds fishermen and boat owners to document and record the serial numbers of electronics and other equipment stored on boats or docks. Locked storage compartments and lighting can discourage would-be thieves. Owners should also mark equipment in an inconspicuous manner so that it can be identified and connected to them in case of a theft. Anytime you purchase used equipment, you should have identifying information for the seller. Buyers should be suspicious of any seller who hesitates to supply contact information or items that are priced considerably below fair market value." You can read the entire article here.

Photo: Bassmaster.com
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