July 12, 2009

Ft. Myers Bass Club - Caloosahatchee River - 1st Place

Today was hot! I just got back from the tournament and I'm really glad to be in the air conditioning. July in Florida is hot and humid. This makes the bass very lethargic, but summertime fishing has always suited me well. I like to fish plastics and finesse so this is where I always seem to do the best. Today I finally won a club tournament in Florida after four 2nd's and four 3rd place finishes since I moved here last year.

We fished the backwaters of the river in an area small lake that went back two miles. The water was flowing good from the oxblow, making the hot water seem more bearable for the bass. I caught all of my fish, 6 keepers in total, from an area smaller than the boat. Every time we would come by we would catch at least one from the running water. We would leave it and come back a few minutes and catch another one. My total weight was 7.98 lbs and my biggest was the big bass of the tournament at 3.48 lbs. It was tough out there, and only two limits were brought in.

I caught my biggest fish on a shaky head, one keeper on a texas-rigged worm, and the rest of my keepers came on a drop-shot. I was using 8lb Seaguar AbrazX.
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