April 1, 2011

Soft Plastics Week - The Berkley Havoc Wide Load

The Wide Load was designed by Skeet Reese and it is kind of a cross between a brush hog and beaver style bait.  I don't know how else to describe it.  The body of the bait is pretty thin, but the tail is thick and can be split for added action.  I fished this bait on a Texas-rig with an EWG Hook and a 3/16oz Eco Pro Tungsten Weight.  It was a perfect setup for pitching into shallow wood and grass.  Besides fishing it on a Texas-rig, I could see this bait doing well on a Carolina-Rig. It is compact enough to flip in shallow cover, but has enough extra action for fishing deep ledges.  It really is a pretty versatile bait. While testing the bait, I caught three fish on the same bait before a fish ripped the paddle tail off of the body.

Out of the whole Havoc lineup, this is one of my favorites.  Like the rest of the Havoc baits, it has no scent and is priced very well.  The color selection isn't bad: 10 colors, and they are all ones I would use (besides maybe the lime-purple passion color).  

Scoring for the Havoc Wide Load
Price/Value: 5 
Like all Havoc baits, it is just $2.99 per pack.
Durability: 4
Like I mentioned earlier, I caught three fish from one bait.  That's above average for soft plastics.
Performance: 4
A great compact bait for pitching, but can also be used in other ways.
The market is flooded with "creature baits", but I think the big paddle tail makes it different than most on the market.
Availability: 3
So far just online, but I have a feeling Havoc will be everywhere soon.

Total Score: 19 - Good Buy!

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