July 31, 2009

Preparing For a New Lake

Tomorrow I am going to go out and fish a body of water I have never seen. This is always exciting for me and I really enjoy the challenge. My mind races as I think what to bring. I like to limit my baits and gear so I can spend less time on the water changing baits and more time fishing. If I had to go to any lake in the country with just three rods and three baits...here is what I would use.

1. A heavy casting rod with braided line and a Snag Proof frog. I'd bring the new Phat Frog in black.
2. A spinning rod with 8lb Seaguar Fluorcarbon and a shakyhead. I've become a big fan of the Spot Remover by Buckeye Lures. I'd also want to use a junebug worm.
3. A medium heavy rod with 15lb Seaguar Flurocarbon and a rattletrap like this one.

These baits cover all three water columns and should catch fish anywhere in the country. What would be your go-to baits if you could only take three?
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