September 13, 2009

Fisherman: Beware of Bananas

I went fishing today at Lake June here in Florida for a Fort Myers Bass Club Tournament. The day started off great. I caught four fish in the first hour on a flick shake and things were looking promising for the day. They were just small keepers, but it always makes you feel better when you have four fish in the livewell before the sun is up and shining. I continued to fish hard, looking for that fifth keeper.

I started fishing towards some more docks when my partner for the day asked if I wanted anything from the cooler. He was getting ready to eat his breakfast. I didn't pay any attention to him at first but then looked back and saw him eating...a banana. "You are really eating a banana in the boat???" I asked. Apparently he has never heard the biggest superstition in fishing. Bananas and fishing do not mix. It's bad luck. I would have rather walked under a ladder, holding a black cat in my arms than have a banana in the boat while fishing. I figured that maybe this was just a superstition and that everything would be OK and kept casting. A few minutes later I noticed the banana peel sitting in the bottom of the boat in plain it was staring at me.

Well...I never did catch my fifth keeper. And to make things worse, the cranking battery died on the boat thirty minutes after the banana incident. The battery could not be jump started, and we spent the rest of the day drifting across the lake in a windy thunderstorm.

I always believed in the superstition, but from now on I will never fish in a boat that has a banana aboard. Beware of bananas!
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