September 16, 2009

More New Colors for the Bobby's Perfect Frog

Recently Snag Proof came out with three news colors for the tried and true Bobby's Perfect Frog. I posted the pics of the Florida Bass color last month. Here are the other newest additions: KC Dragonfly and Tule Perch.

How many times have you been fishing and seen those bright blue dragonflies dancing over the water just waiting to be hit by a bass? I can remember one time in on a Northern Idaho lake where bass were just destroying these dragonflies as they flew over the lily pads. I caught fish after fish on frogs. They would hit them as soon as they hit the water. This is the color for those situations.

The other new color is called Tule Perch. It was designed by anglers fishing the California Delta, the mecca of frog fishing. It was meant to mimic a small baitfish called the Tule Perch native to this area. It's a pretty interesting fish, actually it's the only freshwater surf perch. Don't worry if you don't live in California, this bait will still work anywhere in the world.

Check out these new colors next time your in you favorite bait shop. Frog season is just getting good!

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