November 16, 2009

The Lazer Trokar Hooks

I admit when I first saw the Lazer Trokar hooks and heard about them I was a little skeptical. I was at ICAST this year and thought the secretive release before the tournament and promotions were cool from a marketing perspective, but still these hooks are made by Eagle Claw. I guess I just associated Eagle Claw with the cheap packs of snelled hooks I used to use for bluegill and trout fishing. Plus they cost around $2.00 each. These things better be good.

These hooks are "surgically sharpened on three sides, TroKar hooks penetrate faster than other hook-point shapes, which increases hook-up ratios. Precisely and symmetrically ground for consistent performance. Low-profile barb designed for easier penetration, yet delivers ultimate holding power."

Everything I have heard about them has been good. My buddy in Alabama swears by them and says they are worth every penny. He told me they work just like they say they do, and will hook fish with almost no pressure. I have yet to use them myself, but I can't wait to test them out. Has anybody out there used them? Comment and let me know what you think!
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