November 21, 2009

The Scooter Jig

Accent Lures has developed a great new way to fish a jig or worm on a jighead. They developed a free-range hook system that allows for a free swinging hook. This has many benefits and the action of the bait is killer. I have some of the skirted jigs, but have done really well when fishing the jighead with a plastic worm like a Zoom Trick Worm. The fish stay hooked because they can't use the weight of the jighead to help get the hook loose. Since the hook is basically just an extra wide gap hook, you can Texas rig the worm and it is just as weedless. The action of the bait is hard to describe, its a tight side to side action, like a crawdad scooting on the bottom. There is a cool video on YouTube that shows how effective fishing the skirted Scooter jig can be. Check it out here.

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