December 28, 2009

The Tungsten Difference

After fishing with tungsten weights exclusively for the last few years I wonder how I ever fished with just lead.  There are so many benefits to them it's unbelievable.  For one, tungsten is much more dense than other materials like lead.  This makes it smaller in size and also more sensitive.  You can feel everything down there.  

Tungsten is also better on the environment as it doesn't pollute the water as much.  We all might not have a choice soon, due to the possibility of banning lead on lakes.  It's really just a smarter choice to fish with tungsten in my opinion.  

The biggest downfall with tungsten has been the cost of using it.  These weights are much more expensive that lead.  When you are fishing in rocks the cost can add up quick.  I just saw these online and they are much less.  I'm going to buy a few packs of the heavy flipping weights as these things can get out control in cost after you buy a few.

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