January 23, 2010

Snag Proof - Bass Kicker Frog

Snag Proof started the frog fishing phenomenon 50 years ago, and keeps coming out with new and innovative baits.  I always have a Bobby's Perfect or Phat Frog tied on year round.  This is by far my favorite way to catch bass, but with so many great baits, it's easy to forget one.  The Bass Kicker Frog is one that I often forget, but it has a unique action that definitely has it's place in your arsenal.  I was out fishing this afternoon and the conditions were perfect for this bait.  Since it is only January, the grass mats are very thin and sporadic on the canal I like to fish.  This is the perfect opportunity for the Bass Kicker.  I was fishing it like any other frog when it was on top of the mats, popping and walking it along the surface, but as the grass became thin before it hit another mat I was reeling it very slow.  The legs on the frog work just like a buzzbait and kick at the perfect rate.  I didn't catch any fish below the mats, but I did catch two in open water between them.  I was so happy I caught my first frog fish of the year!
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