March 23, 2010

Catching spawning Florida bass won’t deplete populations, UF study shows - FLW Outdoors

Spawning season is winding down here in South Florida but it's just getting started in most of the country.  All season long it seems like my buddies and I have been discussing the effects of catching spawning bass off beds.  I have always thought that it can hurt the population, but it's not as bad if people are releasing the fish.  Of course with tournaments, we release them, but often a great distance from where they are caught.  Some fisherman prefer to leave bedding fish alone.  Well a new study by the University of Florida shows that catching spawning bass won't deplete populations.  

They "found that in most cases, spawning area closures won’t improve bass populations, for a couple of reasons,” he said. “One is, there’s a lot of catch and release nowadays. The other is, if you lose some nests, the ones that are left have higher survival rates.” 

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