March 14, 2010

John Crews Wins by an Ounce at the Delta!

John Crews finally got his first big win today at the Bassmaster Elite Series event at the Delta in California.  He beat favorite Skeet Reese to win the first event of the season.  Tanya interviewed him back in 2007 and asked him about when he is going to get his first win, well it finally happened.  Check out the interview below.

Here is the Top 12:

1. John Crews: 72-06
2. Skeet Reese: 72-05
3. Greg Hackney: 70-04
4. Mike Iaconelli: 67-12
5. Shaw Grigsby: 63-11
6. Stephen Browning: 62-15
7. James Niggemeyer: 58-13
8. Dustin Wilks: 56-00
9. Rick Clunn: 55-10
10. Denny Brauer: 47-14
11. Gary Klein: 47-03
12. Zell Rowland: 41-08

*Check out my interview with Bradley Roy (19 year old rookie on the Elite Series) tomorrow night
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