March 10, 2010

The Neko Rig

I was just reading a little more about the Neko rig on It's the newest thing to hit the U.S. from Japan and it's basically a new way to wacky rig a soft plastic worm. One of my best ways to catch them is with a wacky rigged senko or a flick shake, but this is even newer. As always with new techniques, the tackle companies are putting out some great new products to use when fishing.

One of these items is a Damiki Neko Sinker, which is really cool and allows you to put a screw-in type weight into one side of the worm so it falls faster on one side. Lunker City also makes a version. You could also fish it with the weights in both sides to get to deeper water much quicker. I have been hearing about this technique for a few years now after tournaments on deep California waters like Lake Shasta. In fact, Brent Ehrler won the recent FLW Series with help from this technique.

Bassfan talks about another item the Neko Rig Master, which "makes it much easier to wacky rig finesseplastics, or any other type of plastic bait. The product is a copperscrew – much like the screw-locks on hooks – but on top is a rubbersection that securely holds a hook. Anglers can therefore screw in theproduct anywhere on a soft-plastic bait for all sorts of wacky-rigconfigurations. Plus, there's much less plastic in the hook gap.

Wacky-rig a tube so it falls backward and into cover. Wacky riga soft-jerkbait so it swims perpendicular to the boat and under docks.Wacky rig a Senko and save serious money without having to mess withrubber O-rings."

No matter how you fish it, I think this new technique is going to work!

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