March 27, 2010

New Fishin' Hole

We are so blessed to live in Florida where we can fish all year long and know that anywhere with water will be full of bass.  We are constantly looking for new areas to explore and fish and we found a great one today.  Just two miles from our house is a series of ponds that are full of bass, tilapia, gar and of course gators.  Most of them were really dirty with what looked like an algae bloom, but we found one with crystal clear water.  You could see bedding tilapia and bass everywhere you looked.  Some bass have spawned already and were cruising the shores looking for food. The bass were really aggressive and were eating everything from senkos, swim jigs and speedworms.   We caught several over three pounds and I lost a giant (6+) that almost gave me a heart attack when it hit as I was pulling my bait out of the water.  Tanya even caught this huge tilapia on a senko.  It seemed like everything was biting today.  As we were walking the shore we saw a few gators cruising in the open water.  Overall it was an awesome day and I have a feeling we will be headed back out there really soon. 

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