April 22, 2010

The Gambler Big EZ Makes it Easy

Soft plastic swimbaits are the hottest trend in bass fishing right now, especially here in Florida.  The Skinny Dipper has changed how people fish down here and everybody is using them.  It was only a matter of time before companies started coming out with their own versions of these baits.  One bait I really like is made by Gambler, its called the Big EZ.  Other companies such as Owner, NetBait and Ouzu Baits all have their own versions.  I really like the new Gambler version.  For one it's a little bulkier that the other brands and the plastic is more durable.  Measuring five inches, it seems to be a good size that will work anywhere in ther country, it also holds up better after catching fish and getting caught up in the reeds. They also have a small slit on the top that seems to protect the hook when it is rigged "texposed", so it doesn't catch on every piece of grass in the lake. 

Fishing these baits is pretty easy, cast it out and reel it fast on top of the water or reel a little slower for subsurface fishing.  I like to change it up until I see what the bass want that day.  No matter how you fish these baits they will definitely add another tool to your aresenal and should help you catch more bass.
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