April 23, 2010

Got my Tackle Warehouse order in today!

The UPS man was good to me today and delivered my Tackle Warehouse order.  I had to stock up on a bunch of stuff for next week at Seminole and the following week at Okeechobee.  I ordered a few swim jigs and also picked up some of these Omega jigs.  I used to fish jigs alot more when I lived in other places but seem to have forgotten about them down here in Florida.  I think next week at Seminole I'll be using them since this is what I caught them on last time I was up there.  Omega looks like they have a jig made for every situation; structure, swimming, flippin', docks, finesse, you name it. I also picked up some V&M Mud Bug trailers to put on the back of those jigs.  I can't wait to put them together and fish.
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