May 7, 2010


Bass Pundit and I were talking about the Zoom Ultravibe Speedworm and how to properly fish it, and it made me think that there is no wrong way to fish it.  To say I like this bait would be a big understatement, I love it. So far this year, it has played a big role in all three of my BFL tournaments (I cashed a check in all three). Tomorrow is the fourth BFL on Lake Okeechobee and two of my six rods are rigged with these worms.  One on is my favorite, the regular sized bait in Junebug w/ red flake.  The other rod is rigged with a Magnum Green Pumpkin worm. The design of this bait really does it all.  The cut "ultravibe" tail does all of the action and creates a great swimming look. 

I like to rig the bait on a 1/8 - 1/4 oz tungsten bullet weight with a offset worm hook in 3/0 for the regular sized worm.  For the bigger bait I use a 5/0.  I also like to fish it on 15lb test fluorocarbon, because this bait really shines in heavier cover, like thick pads and reeds. The magnum sized bait can also be fished weightless and on top.  It creates a great buzzing type action and can be a great post-spawn bait.

I like to fish this bait with a slow and steady retrieve so the tail can move and do it's thing.  Fishing it on the bottom, or even a Carolina-rigged bait will also catch it's fair share.  Really, one can fish this bait like any other worm and catch fish.  I'm really looking forward to my tournament tomorrow and can guarantee I'll catch some fish on it.
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