August 19, 2010

The History of the Drop Shot

The drop shot technique has been around for a long time now, but not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon yet. I still get asked about how to do it from time to time, especially here in Florida. I first started using the drop-shot in 1999 on Lake Mead in Nevada. The technique has been my specialty ever since and it's what I have most confidence in. I wrote this article on the technique in 2002, you can read it here. I still do most of what I did back then, but have years more experience since then. I didn't invent the technique, it started in Japan and first really hit the scene here in 1998 when it was featured on the Bassmaster Show from Elephant Butte in New Mexico. These videos are awesome. The second one really talks about the technique. Seiji Kato, of Jackall fame, is showcased as he catches a bunch from the back of the boat. He is using his "every time lucky rig", aka the drop-shot. The video also shows a young Ish in 4th place. Man, the good old days, Bassmaster Western Opens.! I really hope Jerry McKinnis brings Bassmaster back to the West Coast. Check out the videos and enjoy!

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