August 6, 2010

I Miss Crankbait Fishing

I just got back from Bass Pro Shops and bought some new things for my tournament next weekend on the Caloosahatchee River.  One thing I picked up was a Lucky Craft RC 1.5 DD.  It made me think about the last time I caught a crankbait fish...I can't even remember the last one I caught on a crankbait.  The fishing in Florida has totally changed me.  When I was in Washington and Nevada, the crankbait was one of my go-to baits for big fish.  Now, it's almost all soft plastics.  Fishing the river next week will be my best shot in a long time to get on a crankbait bite.  This place is setup perfect for crankin' and windin' a crankbait.  I hope it's true, my crankbait rod is pretty dusty.
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