September 2, 2010

Hey! That Was My Idea!

The fishing industry has always been an industry that "borrows" ideas from competing companies, and now it seems like they are fighting back with patents and lawsuits. I talked about this a few months ago when I posted about "The Copycat Nature of the Fishing Industry" and how Humminbird was suing Lowrance over the side imaging technology. Then in June, Z-MAN was granted a patent for the Chatterbait and plans to go after companies who infringe on their design. What's next?

Today, reported that Pure Fishing sued Shimano over patent infrigement. The entire story can be seen here. Basically, Pure Fishing(Berkley) is suing Shimano (Power Pro) over infringement for the braided line technology.

What are your thoughts on the copycat nature of the fishing industry?

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