September 18, 2010

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those tournament days where it seems like you can't do anything right? Well, that was me today. I fished Lake Walk-in-Water with the Fort Myers Bass Club and only weighed in three small keepers (the limit there is 3). I really hate to make excuses, but the only thing I can think of was that I was way too tired to be focused on fishing. We woke up around 2:30, drove almost three hours, fished all day, then drove back. No excuses, I just couldn't focus.

I could tell early on that I was not all there as my normally great casting and pitching was off and I spent more time retying and pulling baits from the reeds than actually fishing. It was a tough summer day of fishing for most of the club, and I'm surprised I even got a limit with the way I was fishing out there. About half of the field didn't have a full limit, but there were some nice bags brought in. The winner had 10.5 pounds for his best three and 2nd was around 9 or so.

Yesterday I predicted that this would be a topwater day. I was wrong, at least for me. I ended up catching them on my old standbys, the Ultravibe Speedworm and the Paycheck Punch Skirt with a Sweet Beaver.

I'm glad I got this bad tournament out of my system before all of the big tournaments start for the Fall.
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