September 17, 2010

Trying to Walk-in-Water

I just finished rigging up my rods and re-spooling my line for tomorrow's tournament.  We are headed to Lake Walk-in-Water which is a great big fish lake.  We fished here last year in May and had a great tournament.  It was a two day tournament on two different lakes.  After Day 1, Tanya was leading the event with around 11 pounds.  Now 11 pounds might not seem like much, but this lake has a three fish limit.  Her biggest was almost seven.  I thought I was doing great with my 9+ pounds, but was in 3rd place.  I remember catching them one after another on a rattletrap and basically anything I wanted to use.  That tournament was in late spring, where this one is in summer, so I'm anticipating a different bite.  I am thinking the topwater bite is going to be off the hook.   I just have that feeling, and have a Repo Man and The One tied on for the AM bite and then it's time to start flipping the reeds.  The good thing about a lake with a three fish limit is that you can focus on bigger fish and not have to worry about filling out your limit.  I plan to stick with the topwater and flipping stick all day.  What do I have to lose?

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